Thursday, December 27, 2007


a Jesus thought...
"Why do you question me about what's good? God is the One who is good. If you want to enter the life of God, just do what he tells you." (Matthew 19:7)

a Godly thought...
The Word moves of its own accord, and all the preacher has to do is to assist that movement and try to put no obstacles in its path. (p225 Bonhoeffer)

a leading thought...
A leader whose dedication to the task at hand is balanced by his concern for others, will be able to view the whole situation with proper discernment. (p180 Barber)
a Dave thought...
Yesterday I played golf with Major Winton Knop my corps officer. We have playing golf together weekly now for over 5 years and know each others games pretty well. As he has a handicap of 11 he hits the ball very well and often scores around 80. Well yesterday he hit his best score ever - 71! Winton's goal for the year was to have a single-figure handicap and as a result of his round yesterday his new handicap is 9.4 so he did it with 5 days to spare. For him to achieve this goal was huge and he was absolutely rapt!
I am a big one for setting goals and so as we are about to approach the new year I write 3 goals in these 8 different categories...
  • spiritual
  • physical
  • educational
  • family
  • home
  • financial
  • relational
  • ministry
Sure you don't always achieve them all but I like to have direction in my life and have something to aim at. For those that find this way too programmed just make sure you achieve something along the way.

Just a thought.

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