Tuesday, December 25, 2007

JC's Birthday

Dave thought...
I know this sounds shallow but one of the best things about Christmas for me is the food! My wife is a wonderful cook & being a wonderful eater myself, we make a great combination.
As we have attended numerous family celebrations and parties to over these last few weeks I am thankful for all great people we have around us and relationships that help us through life.
Unfortunately after chatting with a policeman friend he said that Christmas night is one of the busiest in the calender for them. He went on to explain that there are so many domestic abuse and violent altercations at homes on this night as broken families try and put the past behind them and spend time together. What normally results is as the alcohol kicks in family members start saying what they really think and the disputes begin. It is ironic really as the reason we get together is to party for the man who brought peace on earth, but for many it ends us being just the opposite.
Just a thought.

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