Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missional Corps

a Biblical thought...
The LORD your God commands you this day to follow these decrees and laws; carefully observe them with all your heart and with all your soul. You have declared this day that the LORD is your God and that you will walk in his ways, that you will keep his decrees, commands and laws, and that you will obey him. (Deut 26:17-17)

a Book thought...
The Sabbath establishes the tone of the leader's relationship with God. That is why it deserves so much attention. (p149)
a Dave thought...
Here is how Forge Canada defines missional church:

“The missional church vision is not a programmatic response to the crisis of relevance, purpose and identity that the church in the Western World is facing, but a recapturing of biblical views of the Church all too frequently abandoned, ignored, or obscured through long periods of church history. It is a renewed theological vision of the church in mission, which redefines the nature, the mission and the organization of the local church around Jesus’ proclamation of the good news of the Kingdom. Missional Churches seek to respond to God’s invitation to join Him in His mission in and for the world, as a sign, a servant and a foretaste of this Kingdom.”

As we continue to plan & begin the new corps plant in Glenferrie I have been looking for words to describe who we are and what we are attempting to do. Although the definition above is not perfect there is a lot to like about it. But surely the concept and the name "Corps" established 130 years ago by Booth was a missional church long before this new term came along. Well now IICM http://www.iicm.net/ are using the term "Missional Corps" it is interesting how some of The Salvation Army language we are tending to do away with are in vogue once again.
Just a thought.

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