Saturday, May 3, 2008

Future Forum Reflections

a Biblical thought...
Paul talked to them all day, from morning to evening, explaining everything involved in the kingdom of God, and trying to persuade them all about Jesus by pointing out what Moses and the prophets had written about him. (Acts 28:23)

a Book thought... from Funky Business Forever by Ridderstrale & Nordstrom
Ten years later even the coolest-looking Apple computer with all the gigabytes any human being could possibly want is still dumb. (p8)
a Dave thought...
Reflecting on the Future Forum I attended on Thursday there is no doubt there has been rapid developments in the past ten years in the area of technology. The challenge for us all is that the futurists predict that in the next ten years there will be even more change than what we have just experienced. This includes by the year 2010 every manufactured phone will be equipped with a GPS chip so you can locate all your friends or employees 24/7. That every telephone call will be recorded on both your mobile and at work in case there is information that may be needed after the occasion.

How do we react or better still plan ahead so we are not behind the eight ball in technological developments is the often asked question. The SA like all organisations will be forced to change with the times, but it would be great if we can think together on how these developments will help our mission rather than just annoy us as an aging organisation. Perhaps an SA Future Forum would be a good place to start.

Just a thought.

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