Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keeping Gen Y's motivated

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The LORD is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion. (Psalm 116:5)

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Postmodernism with its increasing promotion of intercultural respect has facilitated the spreading of democracy across cultural divides and to minority groups, but planetism will be the first global paradigm to have democracy at its centre and not as an optional extra. (p72)
a Dave thought...
Here are Tulgan's tips for keeping Gen Y's happy in the workplace:
Make your job the prestige job. How? You have to be extremely demanding, highly competitive and fiercely merit-based. Shine that bright light of scrutiny on yourself as a leader and on every single person you manage. Hold everyone to a higher standard, and help everyone meet that higher standard. Set up a constant loop of challenge
Push out the low performers. Remember that stubborn low performers hate the bright light of scrutiny and usually will find a way to escape. You rarely have to fire them if you are willing to shine that bright light.
Don't let good people get into downward spirals. When an otherwise good employee is struggling, help the employee see what's going wrong and how to make things go better. Instead of suffering the pain of failure, the employee will get a chance to bank one tiny success after another.
Turn the reasons Gen Y-ers might leave into reasons they will stay, and work even harder. When Gen Y-ers express needs and wants that are totally unrealistic, you should let them know that immediately so that their expectations are clear. The next step, however, is to help them see what is realistic . . . and then help them earn it.
Whatever you are doing to be flexible and generous to retain your good employees, you need to be much more flexible and generous to keep your great employees. Give the superstars the most time and attention.
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