Sunday, June 21, 2009

Snow Trip

a Biblical thought...
I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy. Surely the righteous will praise your name and the upright will live before you. (Psalm 140:12-13)

a Book thought...
Management is primarily about doing what we are already doing while seeking to improve performance, efficiency and effectiveness, and about minimising risk through preventing and avoiding threats and undesirable outcomes. Leadership is primarily about doing new things and facilitating the realisation of sought-after outcomes. (p105)
a Dave thought...
Yesterday our family went on a day trip to the snow at Lake Mountain. The idea came about a few weeks ago when Noah came home and asked 'what is snow?' So we thought we better educate our children and made the two hour drive up through the mountains and enjoyed a few hours in the 3 degrees Celsius. It was a lot of fun but at the same time it was also unbelievable to see the devastation that has been caused through 'Black Saturday'. You will notice even in the picture above that the trees in the background are all burnt. There are hardly any businesses still standing at Marysville and for a lot of the drive we were going through burnt bush. For many the fires have changed their lives forever and although it was a lot of fun it seemed driving to the snow was more a reminder of the lasting effect of the fires than anything else.

Just a thought.

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