Saturday, January 16, 2010

The End

My mother said things always happen in threes. Well today INSANE 2010 came to an end. It was a fabulous event, the venue, the leaders and the delegates were all amazing and God did some sensational things in the lives of us all. Today also was the end of my term as TYS and INSANE was a great way to wrap up my 3 years at the helm.

My third end is that I've decided to put Captain Collo to rest. After stepping into the blogosphere 2 and half years ago I have found the spiritual discipline of everyday blogging very beneficial, and it has connected me with so many others along the way. I have really enjoyed the debates, the humour and most of all just a place to journal what God is speaking to me about. So as my 867th and final post I'd just like to thank you for reading and encourage you all to keep dreaming no matter where you are. My final words are simply my favourite quote from our co-founder Catherine Booth "If we are to better the future we must disturb the present."

Just a thought.


Craig said...

Dave, thankyou for all that you have done to reach the youth of the territory over the last 3 years, I know you have had a magnificent impact on many lives including mine. Your blogs have provided me with challenging ideas and new perspectives. I wish you, Kylie and the boys all the best in your appointment at south barwon. Thankyou Dave, for all that you have done.

Anonymous said...

Occasional Facebook notes instead? Thanks Dave for your faithful blogging... I have benefitted from your words so much - thought-provoking, disturbing, funny, deep, commonsense, inspiring - and will miss your contributions (as will many people). But change is good - so bless you, buddy, know that you are love and 'prayed for' by many, including us.

Robyn Clinch

Tim Watson said...

Captain Dave,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Thanks so much for your ministry over the past few years.
Best wishes in your new appointment.
Tim Watson

Somerton Thunder said...

Collo, have enjoyed reading your blog since we first discovered its existence post-Gold Coast carnival in 2008. Challenging, thought-provoking and informative, it's been a daily vigil for many of our readers. Let us know if you want to write an occasional story and you can be rest assured we'll add you to our list of contributors. God bless and say hi to Kylie and the kids. From everyone at and the Somerton Thunder.

Jim Knaggs said...

Captain Collo,

Thank you for your ministry here. I have been a regular reader and have always valued your thoughts. You will be missed.

Onward to the next endeavour.


Unknown said...

Thanks Collo - you will be missed. God bless you in your new appointment. The folks you serve are blessed to have you and Kylie.