Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sustainable Youth Ministry

a Biblical thought...
Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And blessed be God Most High, who has helped you conquer your enemies. (Genesis 14:19-20)

a Book thought...
The key to understanding our circumstances is to focus on Christ rather than on our circumstances. (p152)
a Dave thought...
What is going wrong? What would it take to build a ministry that withstands the roller coaster ride that has become so much a part of “normal” youth ministry?
Based on his own experience as a youth pastor and his hands-on consulting work with scores of churches, Mark DeVries pinpoints the problems that cause division and burnout. He then provides the practical tools and strategies needed to lay a strong foundation for your church’s youth ministry—one that isn’t built solely on a person or a program. In these pages he offers indispensable guidance for

1. Understanding why most churches stay chronically stuck in very predictable (and solvable) problems in their youth ministries
2. Moving toward a systemic approach to youth ministry by tending first to the climate and structures under girding the ministry
3. Helping senior pastors and search committees avoid the common pitfalls made in hiring youth staff
4. Equipping youth pastors to build strong volunteer teams and navigate the turbulent waters of church politics
5. Giving youth pastors creative tools for lasting in youth ministry for the long haul.

Building a sustainable youth ministry is not easy, and it’s not quick. But with commitment to the process, hard work and the guidance found in Sustainable, your church can put together a healthy youth ministry—one that fits your church and lasts for the long haul. Youth ministry can last.

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