Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Minute Bible for Students

a Biblical thought...
Abraham approached him and said, "Will you destroy both innocent and guilty alike?" (Genesis 18:23)

a Book thought...
Jesus taught his disciples that they didn't know the truth of a situation until they heard from God. (p154)
a Dave thought...
You’ve committed yourself to more Bible reading plans than you care to admit and you’re 187 chapters behind in your latest attempt. If this sounds familiar, then the One Minute Bible for Students is what you need to get back and stay on track. Do the math. There are 1400 minutes in a day. It will take you One Minute to read a passage of Scripture. “Hey, that’s doable!” Additionally, veteran youth pastor Doug Fields has contributed some great insights to help you apply these short, one minute Scripture readings to your every day life. Special one minute features include: devotionals, commentary, theological words defined in simple terms, personality profiles, unique, weird, and humorous facts . . . all designed to help you discover and fall in love with God’s love letter to you.

The great thing about the One Minute Bible for Students is that you will never again get stuck in Leviticus for forty years. The One Minute Bible for Students moves you through the entire Bible—from Creation to the return of Jesus—in just ONE YEAR! The One Minute Bible for Students won’t replace your Bible. It will inspire you to take side trips into your Bible to see what came before and what comes after the passage you just read. These bite-size servings of Scripture are sure to increase your appetite for God’s Word.

Just a thought.

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