Sunday, January 27, 2008


a Dave thought...
Well we finally arrived at Parachute the biggest music fetival in the Southern Hemisphere. Here there are 30,000 people from across the globe lining up for food, toilets, showers in 30-plus degree heat. As most of us are camping on site it is really an amazing alcohol-free gathering with very few police or security needed.

There is some amazing talent here with Tony Campolo, Antiskeptic, Israel & New Breed, and of course the band that started it all Parachute. But the most incredible moment for me was this morning when Reggie Dabbs not only played his soprano sax with great passion but when he shared his story to the 20,000 in attendence. The response by the masses was overwhelming as 3000 came to Jesus. Some images will remain for me for th rest of my life, this will be one of them.

Just a thought.

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