Friday, January 18, 2008

TMS Concert

a Dave thought...
Tonight we concluded the Territorial Music School with a concert at camp Adanac. As we were feeling creative and to make use of the beautiful scenery we thought we would hold it outdoors. Well we got off to good start but half way during ''Festivity'' the downpour started and we had twenty minute break while we all rushed into the gym to finish the concert.
It was an excellent week not just because of the music and performance side but for the quality of relationships and conversations that occur at a camp like this. We have young people talking about becoming officers, others so impacted by a bible study on Isaiah 1 that they want to change the way they 'do church' from now on, and some who are more convinced that unless we are living our life for God and others we are just wasting our time.
So once again I am reminded that camps are invaluable for the spiritual development of our youth, but also for people like myself to spend quality time with the future leaders of the Salvos, and to be able to listen and understand them as we move forward together.

Just a thought.

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