Monday, February 18, 2008

"the best sex you'll ever have"

a Biblical thought...
No worker can serve two bosses: He'll either hate the first and love the second or adore the first and despise the second. You can't serve both God and the Bank. (Luke 16:13)

a Book thought...
Mission without fellowship dies of spiritual starvation. (p76 Needham)

a Dave thought...
A FLYER promising "the best sex you'll ever have" wouldn't normally lead straight to church, but that's the invitation 25,000 households around Eltham and Montmorency received last week.
Last night Riverside Church launched a four-week series on sex, marriage, adultery and pornography.
The flyer features two pairs of feet — belonging to Riverside pastor Andrew Newbold and his wife Megan — protruding from under the sheets. It says sex is supposed to be fun, so why does it feel like everyone else is having all the fun? It's not supposed to leave you feeling guilty, frustrated or empty.
"Lots of people have asked, 'why would the church want to talk about sex in the first place?' That's a ridiculous question because everyone else is talking about it, and it's something God created," Mr Newbold says.
"At Riverside we deal mostly with young adults, who have been more exposed to sexuality than any previous generation, but that doesn't mean they are handling it well. There's a lot of confusion out there."
He rattles off statistics: people are having sex younger, with an average age of 15.8 years at first encounter, and relationships are getting shorter, at an average of three months. The largest consumers of internet pornography are children aged 12 to 17.

I'd like to take my hat off to Andrew and Megan firstly for addresing this topic which is a huge issue with young adults and secondly for clever advertising. This is what the Salvos would do in their prime use statements that would catch your attention and advertise to the massess in an effort to get more people to hear about Jesus.

I fell sex and relationships is a topic we are not good at tackling in our churches but certainly one that we should address regularly. We also have the use of internet pornography growing at an alarming rate in this country and as 12 to 17 year old are the biggest users, we also need to discuss and teach how to live in a world with so many temptations and distractions. If we want our teaching to have relevance to our society then surely this is a good topic to address.

Just a thought.

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Simon Mapleback said...

Some interesting and good points there Captain!

Is there some way we can do something like that - awareness stuff for the youth of our Territory? I think we need to do something...