Sunday, March 16, 2008

Parade or Protest?

a Dave thought...
This morning I preached at our 9.30 service from Luke 19:28-40 the passage used for Palm Sunday. As there are no mention in Luke of Hosannas, palm branches, or prophesies as in the other accounts I presented the thought held by some scholars of this being more a protest than a parade. As Jesus was a revolutionary teacher who was entering Jerusalem with a mixed crowd of those that were for Him and those against Him, he then wept for the city, stormed the temple and was at opposition with the religious leaders everyday he taught in the temple. (v41-48)

So my thought was you can be a spectator in the crowd, or a follower, the choice is yours you can just check out what is going on and sit around church to be entertained or you can follow a radical Jesus who accepted the tax collectors, prostitutes, the blind, lepers, the rich, the poor, the destitute, the religious, the irreligious, just anyone in fact, everyone. There was not an ounce of prejudice in the Lord.

Just a thought.

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Shar said...

Hey Dave, we had Major Anthony Stone preach this morning and he talked from Luke too. His 3 points were that Jesus was Delibrate, Dangerous and Defiant in his actions....very challenging message. It was great to see Palm Sunday as something other than as you call it "a parade". That it was more than palm branches being waved and people waving to him as he rode by on a donkey. Blessings