Thursday, October 9, 2008


a Biblical thought...
With the crowd dispersed, he climbed the mountain so he could be by himself and pray. He stayed there alone, late into the night. (Matt 14:23)

a Book thought...
Teasing is a disguised form of shaming. We contrive to stop others in our loop who display a desire and willingness to grow. (p122 MacKenzie)
a Dave thought...
In our final session at T3 we were reminded by Joe Noland how important it is to have a God given vision. Often our vision is limited by life experience, resources, lack of self-confidence or fear of failure. But we were challenged by Joe that if we have the desire, knowledge, hard work, determination, persistence, and the faith anything is possible.

Organisational change always begins with personal change. It will be the entrepreneurs in The Salvation Army that will help transition the Army's methods as we go forward, but individuals are still only secondary to successful mission. We are all merely conduits for the working of the Holy Spirit. So as we worship Jesus Christ the amazing innovative leader I pray that we will also do our best to use the creative genius he has placed inside each of us.

Just a thought.

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