Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Generalists & Specialists

a Biblical thought...
I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High. (Psalm 7:17)

a Book thought...
In 1911 the Home League was formed, this was the brain-child of Florence Booth. It aims were 'to give practical counsel on matters relating to the home, to encourage spiritual life and bible reading, and to develop service. (p155)
a Dave thought... by Mark Driscoll
The difference between good decisions and great decisions is timing. The most difficult decisions in leadership are not between good and bad; they are between "now" and "later." This legendary predicament even led to a great name for a hard candy. This is the issue when staffing the critical positions of a healthy church. Certain positions you have to have and certain positions you have to have now. Deciding which staff people to hire now and which can wait is a crucial strategic decision.

When your church is young, your staff members have to be generalists and play lots of roles—they each need to be a "jack of all trades" to a certain extent. And while some jobs can be done quite well by that type of leader, other jobs require a specialist. One of the ways to get specialist-caliber talent in the beginning is not by hiring them directly, but by partnering with other ministries, or "outsourcing." This way, you get the best of both worlds. Your church can be served by the passion and energy of generalists and the wisdom and experience of specialists. And every church deserves the most passionate, experienced, wise, and energetic staff possible.

Just a thought.

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