Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tooth Fairy

a Biblical thought...
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. (Psalm 37:4-6)

a Book thought...
During the four years of his administration four thousand officers were trained and assigned in all parts of the world. (p65)
a Dave thought...
My 7 year old son Noah was very excited by another visit from the tooth fairy last night as he woke up to find money in a glass next to his bed. But as I drove him to school he began to ask me a lot of questions. Firstly it was about the fairness of the fairy, "why did last time the tooth fairy give me $4 but this time only $2.50?" I was going to give him the standard DTTCEC (due to the current economic climate) but instead attempted to let him know that there must be a lot of children losing teeth at the moment so there is less money to go around. Noah then went on to ask, "so the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny & Santa Clause are all real?" My reply "they must be hey?" As I reflected I felt a bit guilty, but then thankful that he didn't add God to this trio of make-believes.

Just a thought.


Jack said...

Why is it that we can easily discard believe in these things as we grow older, yet stubbornly hold onto a belief in God? The whole package of God belief, and certainly the standard Christian version of God, is even more absurd and unlikely than the three childish belief entities that you mention.

David said...

Why is it so difficult for you to believe in God, Jack?

Just look at the abundance of evidence:

1) A young Earth scientifically shown to be only 1000's or 10'000s of years old. Not one iota of evidence for evolution of the Universe and life on Earth (that's right, thousands of scientists are wrong, only those handful of kook creation scientists are correct)

2) An historically & scientifically accurate, and entirely true, record of God's word in the Bible. From it's literal truth about a real talking snake deceiving a rib women, to the historically true accounts of Jesus' miracles and resurrection, it's all God's word. Including where God commanded mass slaughter and rape (that's God's unchanging moral character).

3) And of course the amazing witness of Christians themselves. Just walk into any church on a Sunday and feel the transformed Christ-like vibe radiating towards you. Observe how these Christians follow Jesus' example by healing the sick, drinking poison and selling all their possessions and living like dirty hippies. Just amazing.

Jack, when you read the Bible, don't you sense the Holy Spirit transforming the plain text into magic words that have special, personal meaning just for you?

I guess you'll have to wait until the horrors of Hell catch up with you, before you finally believe. Not to worry, God still loves you in Hell.

God bless - they're praying for you, Jack.

Matt said...

Why is it so difficult for you to believe in God, Jack?

Just look at the abundance of evidence:

1)An earth scientifically shown to have been evolving over billions of years and the Universe even longer! Awesome isn't it, and to think that some people think this all just 'popped up', without God's care or concern. Many, many eminent scientists (google them)believe God is intimately involved in the process and that those who aren't are a bit kooky - not too mention those young earth creationist (who are always trotted out as the Christian norm - so tiring)

2)A historically and scientifically accurate and entirely true account of God's relationship with humanity, and that despite us stuffing that up so many times (such as believing that God would have us murder and rape despite it being clearly stated this was against his will)he loves us still and demands that we who love him strive to live up to his moral goodness. (by the way - the Bible whilst offering good historical accounts is not a historical textbook, and why people think it was ever written as a scientific textbook i'll never understand - i think they just look for any excuse to attack it??)

3) An of course the amazing witness of Christians themselves. Like my friend katherine, who despite a sucessful career here in Australia as an OT has left and been working with the poor, disadvantaged and disabled children in Africa for the last 4 years. Not because she felt pressured into it but because as a Christian (who came to Christ as an adult which apparently never happens - it's always just people who never grow out of the 'fairytale' situation) wanted to help God heal the world and so she is using her universtiy trained gifts to do so. Just amazing.

Jack, when you read the Bible, ask what the Holy Spirit can transform in you. He can make it special, personal - just for you! Go on - i dare you...

You will eventually know the truth about this 'fairytale' but don't be scared of by David's hell - just another tactic of the misinformed. God is love and wants you to know that now - not when you die.

God bless - and yep, we are praying for you (oh, and sorry David, you too). Matt

Matt said...

Just thought before someone says "oh yeah - who??" to the many emiment scientist who believe in God and his active role in creation - and not the 'usual kooky' stuff that gets dragged out everytime - i'd put a list here so you can check out these pretty impressive people. Google them, even wikipedia at least gives a good overview of who they are.

- John Polkinghorne - paricle physicts (involved in discovery of the 'quark' - what the??)

- R. John Berry - geneticist

- Alister McGrath - molecular biophysicist

- Francis Collins - physician-geneticist, (former head of the Human Genome Project)

- Robert T. Bakker - paleontologist (whowas an advisor on Jurrasic park!)

- Simon Conway Morris - Paleobiologist.

This is just a few, but these guys with much bigger and better brains than me think God has something to do with creation so don't just generalise Christians as thinking the universe was created 2 minutes ago and take cheap shots at us. Do your research.

Go on - read their works. Matt

Jack said...

Matt, ask the future officers at the training college in Melbourne whether they believe in a 6 x 24 hour day creation about 6000 years ago, and the majority will say yes. That's the future of the Salvation Army right there.

Anonymous said...

I remember this dilemma well. Daryl and I made the decision that we would tell Alexis the truth when she asked. We were not anticipating that she would ask if Santa was real the week after her fourth birthday. Still we stuck to what we had decided because we wanted her to know that we could be trusted when she questioned us on what we believed to be true. I am happy to say that she continued to thoroughly enjoy Christmas, Easter and the losing of teeth. She is also continuing to develop her own faith in God. I'd like to think our being honest with her has at the very least not been a hindrance. May hope and wisdom guide you! Sandy

outlaw said...

Four bucks?!! I used to only get 50 cents. I should come and live at your house Dave.