Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ministry Age

a Biblical thought...
They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers. (Acts 1:14)

a Book thought...
We serve because we have been served and because we follow a leader who models servanthood. (p57)
a Dave thought...
If we are going to transition the church to the next generation, both existing and emerging leaders will need to understand and appreciate each other's values. This quiz, developed in conjunction with the editors of Leadership, is a helpful start.
This tool is intended to foster dialogue between older and younger leaders about their divergent views and contribute to greater understanding between the generations. No test can fully reveal the nuances that exist within an entire generation, and you may agree with more than one answer for a question. Mark the answer that best fits your approach to leadership.

If you would like to take the test there are 25 questions and it only takes 5 minutes and will then place you in one of three categories…

Ages 25 - 41 Younger Leaders
Ages 42 - 58 Pragmatic Leaders
Ages 59 - 75 Traditional Leaders

If you do the test please feel free to share your ‘Ministry Age’ in the comments section below, and just for the record I scored 37.

Just a thought.


Em said...

Hey Dave,

I was quite surprised I got a ministry age of 43...must be the traditionalist in me :)

And here I was thinking i was young, vibrant and super relevant...perhaps I am just the product of the leaders i have had in my life???

Anonymous said...

Today, irrespective of surveys that categorize you by age or ministry style. We livin in a time when our leadership maps are proving less and less reliable and cateroization will not help us find our way. Welcome to world that is the midst of change and transition and the struggle to discern the nature of leadership in this changing world. New maps are needed and they must emerge through an engagement with the biblical narrative.

Heather Princess said...

Hey Dave,

I was 41...sort of sitting on the edge of 2...just barely in the younger! Hope you are well..I heard about your new appointment! I'm sure you guys will be missed in your current appointments!

Helen said...

I'm a 38... gives a bit of insight into some of my current perspectives. thanks dave.

Fiona Kean said...

Did it.
I'm 41.
Right on the edge.