Monday, September 15, 2008

Junior Soldiers

a Biblical thought...
Then another Angel, carrying a gold censer, came and stood at the Altar. He was given a great quantity of incense so that he could offer up the prayers of all the holy people of God on the Golden Altar before the Throne. (Rev 8:3)

a Book thought...
Salvation is the entire universe being brought back into harmony with its maker. (p109 Bell)
a Dave thought...
It was a very moving occasion last night to see my wife enroll nine Junior Soldiers as part of the YP anniversary weekend at Box Hill. Sally & Vanessa have done a great job preparing these young people and along with their prayer pals it was quite a site with 21 people on stage. I still remember being enrolled myself in 1978 at Box Hill at the age of seven. I'm sure this step of faith and commitment for this nine will also be the start of many significant ministry opportunities in years to come. I also understand the responsibility we all have as witnesses there last night to make sure they are all supported and encouraged in their faith during these early years.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, here is a message (in excellent english!) from one of my kids from Joyville Children's Home here in the Philippines, he was recently enrolled as a Junior Soldier too.

"I am happy for many Junior Soldiers in Australia. Remember, no fighting and read your Bible and pray every day."

Junie - 11 years old

(and Debbie)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Debbie again. I was looking at your site before and Junie was with me. He loved the black t-shirts the kids were wearing, our JS wear the white ones left over from Connections last year.

Junie was really happy to see so many children making their decisions and wanted to send off the note to you (with his words of wisdom!).

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Dave - surely we could help supply these kids with some of the black t-shirts! I know I would happily buy a couple for them. What can we organise?