Sunday, January 11, 2009

INSANE starts today!

a Biblical thought...
The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon. (Genesis 41:32)

a Book thought...
Mountain climbers know that the path appearing to be shortest is not always the best or safest route. They know the ascent takes time and planning. (p123)
a Dave thought...
It is now only 8 hours till the start of the biggest territorial youth event we have ever held here in Melbourne - INSANE. Many have worked hard over so many days, weeks & months and I believe it is going to be an amazing 168 hours with 619 fabulous people.

Yesterday had its challenges with the Fire Brigade gracing us with their presence after the production team tested the haze machine, but overall everything is going well. Today 300 interstate delegates fly in and get bussed to Melbourne High School including 19 delegates from New Zealand. Please pray that these 168 hours will be some of the best hours that our young people have ever experienced and that God will do something INSANEly special.

Just a thought.

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