Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Church of the Cross

a Biblical thought...
And David became more and more powerful, because the LORD Almighty was with him. (1 Chronicles 11:9)

a Book thought...
Young people are facing a candid, sexually diverse world, often without assistance or biblical counsel from their churches or their parents. (p103)
a Dave thought... by Tim Chester
The great Reformer Martin Luther spoke of theologies of glory and a theology of the cross. Theologies of glory look for the revelation of God in his mighty works: creation, miracles, spiritual experiences. But this kind of knowledge, said Luther, only puffs people up. Instead God has chosen to reveal himself supremely in the cross. And that means revelation is only discernible by faith. Only by faith do we see in the weakness, foolishness, and shame of the cross the power, wisdom, and victory of God. Theologies of glory lead to pride. The theology of the cross leads to humility—or, in Luther’s language, humiliation.

Now apply the same idea to our churches. Churches of glory will put their confidence in mighty works: stage performances, big budgets, large numbers, powerful arguments, charismatic preachers. A church of the cross will be characterized by power in weakness, wisdom in foolishness, victory in shame. Its confidence will be in the sovereignty of God, the presence of his Spirit, and the power of his Word. Jesus said the kingdom of God has been given to “my little flock.” Most of the time it will be under the radar. But, like yeast in dough, it will grow unseen to fill the earth.

Just a thought.

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David said...

Martin Luther also wrote "The Jews and Their Lies".

Refer to

for some English-translated extracts.

Why not quote Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf"? I'm sure you'll find something good in that also.