Monday, April 21, 2008


a Biblical thought...
As they traveled from town to town, they presented the simple guidelines the Jerusalem apostles and leaders had come up with. That turned out to be most helpful. Day after day the congregations became stronger in faith and larger in size. (Acts 16:4-5)

a Book thought...
It is a hard road, being obedient to Jesus without expecting reward in the ordinary sense. It is only with time that it might dawn on us that the sacrifices involved are themselves honouring to the very one we love - to do so gives us its own pleasure. (p100 Frost)

a Dave thought...
Here are the top ten ideas to come out of the 2020 Summit, which occurred out of the weekend. The weekend before a 100 youth engaged in the 2020 Youth Summit and fed their ideas through, the final list is...

* Introduction of an Australian republic with a two-stage, beginning with a plebiscite on the issue, followed by a referendum.

* Creation of "community corps" to allow students to reduce their HECS through volunteer work.

* A national preventative health care agency funded by taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and junk food.

* Increasing the formal and legal recognition of Aborigines, with the possibility of a treaty.

* Contributing 1% of federal funding allocated to each government department to the arts.

* All new buildings to be carbon neutral.

* Bringing regulations for transport and agriculture across states into line.

* Establishment of a new federation commission to review the roles and responsibilities of federal, state and local government.

* A comprehensive reinvigoration of Asian language literacy and a recruitment drive of foreign language teachers.

* A charter of rights and a national action plan.

It would be a worth The Salvation Army engaging in a similar process as often if we are not proactive in creating a better future we are often reactive and wonder why we have ended up in a certain place.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

You are certainly right about that. I have just been pondering this myself and wondering why we keep just changing officers around from one corps to the next and allowing the same mistakes to be repeated without fixing anything...
Hmmmm -

Lieutenant Jo said...

I see a lot of similarities between the aim of 2020 and that of the Salvation Army's 'Connections' events; in bringing people together in order to find a way forward. I'm sure that for the Salvos, the "Beyond Connections" feedback will open up a whole new scope of issues and ideas for the future of our Salvation Army. How we will hear about this when consultations have been completed, I'm not sure, but I hope it will inform the Army's strategy for the future...
It would be helpful for us to also keep an ear tuned to what 2020 reveals as issues (especially those that the Army is capable of addressing!) and using these ideas as a springboard or incorporate ideas into our strategy to fulfil the Army's God-given mission!