Monday, April 28, 2008


a Biblical thought...
"We don't find anything wrong with this man! And what if a spirit has spoken to him? Or maybe an angel? What if it turns out we're fighting against God?" (Acts 23:9)

a Book thought...
Those of us who serve God as our true master, and not money, must become acquainted with the poor, for it is among them that we will see Jesus. (p127 Frost)
a Dave thought...
World-Changers for Christ, LLC, along with the International Bible Society, would like to offer a full church kit for small groups to learn what William Wilberforce and John Newton did to impact their world in a powerful way. The church kit includes:
Amazing Grace DVD
World-Changers: Live to Serve Book (5 week Small Group Discussion Guide Included)
Once Blind: The Life of John Newton Book
Here is an opportunity for churches to become culturally relevant and inspire your members to become the hands and feet of Christ in your community.

This the latest resource to hit the church, and I'm sure it will have appeal. For me it is great to have an outward focused resource rather than another self serving one. I'm sure there is much to be learnt by looking at the lives of Wilberforce & Newton, lets hope it inspires more to action.

Just a thought.

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