Thursday, April 10, 2008


On Sunday April 6 after 15 hours and 9 minutes of continuous exercise it was unbelievable to hear the famous voice of Mike Reilly announce to everyone "Salvation Army Officer, David Collinson - YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!" For me this was the result of 15 months of training, commitment and dedication.
Many have asked why I wanted to put my body through this horrendous event of 3.8km swim, 180.2km bike ride with lots of hills, then a full marathon of 42.2kms. For me I like the challenge and focusing on a coming event that seems impossible for me to achieve, it helps me to work hard and get my body in shape. You learn heaps about yourself when you attempt something new that takes you to different places, asks you to acquire new skills, and learn from and meet people you have not had relationship with before.
I actually really enjoyed the whole experience and the event was so inspiring as 1500 athletes as determined as me put their bodies on the line for the day. I met many fabulous people who inspired me, taught me, and shared with me some of the dreams they hope to achieve in life.
By the way I have booked in again for next year on the 5th April 2009 in Port Macquarie, let me know if you want to join me.
Just a thought.


Heather Princess said...

We are all so very proud of you Dave! What a HUGE accomplishment!

Shar said...

can I just say it one more time Dave....YOU'RE A LEGEND!

Andrew Short said...

WICKED! sign me up :-)

Anonymous said...

well done mate! awesome accomplishment, but I'm happy to sit on the side lines and cheer you on ;)