Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cross Generation Gatherings

a Biblical thought...
Apollos turned out to be a great help to those who had become believers through God's immense generosity. He was particularly effective in public debate with the Jews as he brought out proof after convincing proof from the Scriptures that Jesus was in fact God's Messiah. (Acts 18:28)

a Book thought...
Jesus steadfastly refuses to be drawn as an agent of division or seperation. He is about bringing people together. His is a mission of reconciliation and, while he realises that the radical lifestyle to which he calls his followers may sometimes result in division, he is most concerned about the healing of brokenness and the promotion of goodwill. All theses concerns he shares with God. (p110 Frost)

a Dave thought... from The Age
Playgroups — regular gatherings of parents and their babies, toddlers and preschoolers — are usually held in halls, neighbourhood houses, community centres, primary schools and kindergartens.
But of the 3500 playgroup sessions held in Victoria each week for more than 55,000 children, half-a-dozen sessions are held in aged-care homes.
As well as the Newcomb playgroup (known as Amity Treasures Playgroup), there are similar groups in Altona North, Canterbury, Doncaster, Forest Hill and Preston. A further nine homes are on a Playgroup Victoria waiting list.
In mid-2006, Heather McKibbin, aged-care service manager at Amity, decided the residents needed more stimulation from younger generations than occasional visits from grandchildren, great-grandchildren and students from the local primary school.She contacted Playgroup Victoria, a not-for-profit umbrella group, and in December 2006 the Newcomb home opened its doors to a playgroup of a dozen babies and their parents.
McKibbin has been delighted with the response.
"You see the young spirits within the old bodies," she says. "The playgroup has brought great fun into our home and has helped to break down some of the mystique and stereotypes of aged care."

As I travel around I observe that it is getting harder in our churches for the different generations to meet in the same space. As youth are more and more into video clips, computers, gaming and other recent developments our seniors are not so proficient in these areas so it seems to be getting harder to find common interests. Many long for the day once again when every age comes together in one place every week and finds fulfillment in a Sunday morning meeting.

The Kingdom has no age barrier and if we are living God's kingdom on earth we should be able to be inclusive of all. Unfortunately even worship, which is often music based seems to divide generations as some want hymns, others soft rock & the teens more hype and hard rock. We have got to the place now where worship seems to divide, where as 30 years ago it seemed to unite. What I now see though is the time when we all get together with a common purpose is when we are focused on helping others. The way to bring all generations together is run events or activities focused on reaching outside of our church communities.

So when it comes to generations, worship diversifies but mission unifies.

Just a thought.

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