Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Values

a Biblical thought...
Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it—because it does. Give yourselves to the gifts God gives you. Most of all, try to proclaim his truth. (1 Cor 14:1)

a Book thought...
The whole point of what Jesus was up to was that he was doing, close up, in the present, what he was promising long-term, in the future. It was not about saving souls for a disembodied eternity, but rescuing people from the corruption and decay of the way the world presently is. (p204 Wright)
a Dave thought...
Yesterday I preached at Box Hill on the topic 'valuing our past' and looked at Joshua 4. As I explored the question about which values do we take from our upbringing that are worth passing on to the next generation, I noticed it created a fair bit of discussion.

I shared my own story of growing up in a home with mum and dad & us four siblings and every meal time we were asked to sit at the table and turn the TV off. I am now doing the same with my family and encourage meal time conversation rather than all sitting on the couch watching the box. We have had various people come and live with us over our time and some were quite shocked and letting us know they hadn't had a meal at home sitting around a table with no TV in years!

For the 30 minutes or so every night we eat together, I believe we either teach and influence our own children through stories and conversations or we let it happen by chance with the media and let others decide what values you want your children to learn.

Just a thought.

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