Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kylie's Birthday

a Biblical thought...
You are familiar with the generosity of our Master, Jesus Christ. Rich as he was, he gave it all away for us—in one stroke he became poor and we became rich. (2 Cor 8:9)

a Book thought...
There are good things going on in the wider world, and we must join in, while always remaining on the lookout for the point where we will be asked to do something which goes against the grain of the gospel. (p281 Wright)
a Dave thought...
Last night we celebrated Kylie's 35th birthday. It struck me that I have now known this wonderful woman for nearly twenty years and we have shared most of our lives together. As we sat around and talked about the past and different things that we remember over the years it was a reminder of how little time we take just to stop and reflect amidst our busy schedules.

I heard Tony Campolo once talk around a sociological study (Campolo is a sociologist by training) conducted with people over the age of 95. The survey asked them, 'if you could do life over again what would you do differently?' Most responses fell into three categories: 1. Reflect more 2. Risk more 3. Do more that will live on after I’m gone.

I thank God for Kylie and pray as we continue to do life together that we take enough time to just stop and reflect and value all our years together.

Just a thought.

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Very impressed with your blog choice Dave ;)

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