Wednesday, June 11, 2008


a Biblical thought...
With promises like this to pull us on, dear friends, let's make a clean break with everything that defiles or distracts us, both within and without. Let's make our entire lives fit and holy temples for the worship of God. (1 Cor 7:1)

a Book thought...
The implication that older styles of worship are somehow less spiritual and that modern electronic worship is somehow more worthy is sheer cultural prejudice and should be happily laughed at whenever it emerges. (p275 Wright)

a Dave thought...
Many of us were blown away in the mid 1990’s when we logged on to the internet for the first time. All of a sudden we could access all this amazing information and data that people had paid to place on the world wide web. This was web 1.0 and today it is still what we are most comfortable with as an organization, where we control what is placed on our websites and no-one can alter or comment.

In 2004 along came Web 2.0 and this introduced interactive sites, that allowed for comments, and anyone could add or alter certain pages for free. We can now blog or set up a Facebook or Myspace however we want and express our own opinions. We can also upload videos on sites such as YouTube without having them approved. The Salvos along with many other organizations are struggling to come to terms with this as people are finding out information before it has been officially handed down or comments are being made about leaders or the Army that are not helpful to the general public.

So rather than steer way from this because it is often messy and uncomfortable, we need to get involved and make it a positive space to share what is happening and an opportunity to hear what people are thinking. Those who continue to try and control Web 2.0 or shut it down are up against it and will never win. So let’s be proactive and embrace technology and look out as Web 3.0 is fast approaching.

Just a thought.

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