Friday, September 5, 2008


a Biblical thought...
Love each other. Love means following his commandments, and his unifying commandment is that you conduct your lives in love. This is the first thing you heard, and nothing has changed. (2 John 1:6)

a Book thought...
Jesus expects his followers to be engaged in the endless process of deciding what it means to actually live the Scriptures. (p50 Bell)
a Dave thought...
Majors Ron & Robyn Clinch did a great job last night casting vision and hope for the Eastern Victoria Division at M08. We heard that there are 36 corps, 90 officers, 457 employees & 400 volunteers in this division. In the last 12 months 49 Soldiers, 41 Adherents & 34 Junior Soldiers have been enrolled. We were reminded that we need to continue to take risks and start new corps or congregations as that is where most new people are being connected to God and the army. Ron encouraged us all to start something new for God as when we do that it brings hope, excitement and vision to our corps, and more people will here the gospel as a result.

This yearly event intrigues me as I am one who likes to know the current stats and where we are at as an army. However only a few come outside of officers and those that are part of the participating groups. When we were at our peak we used to think and dream for not only our own corps but those around us, now it seems that most of us are only concerned about ourselves, our own corps, our local community church. Its sad we have lost the connectedness but until we train our officers and soldiers in army ecclesiology, rather than how to set up a local church things will remain the same.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Were you using your phone during M08 Dave? Taking pictures and sending text messages possibly...!?!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested that only officers & participants attended.

We are now The Selfish Army, we have cultivated an attitude of 'look after yourself, we do it better than you, blow you Jack I'm alright'. We are only interested in our own 'patch'. Corps and CO's protect their platform and don't let others preach/lead worship unless it's their way.

When did the TC/CS/Cabinet members/DCs/DYs come and lead/preach at your corps.

Sorry, got off the track a bit there....what would really want to do on a Thursday night after a busy day at work?

Anonymous said...

I admit, if I hadn't been part of a participating group I wouldn't have gone to M08.

So I attended, and only then did I realise how important and valuable these nights are. I had no idea about the kind of information and encouragement that would be shared. There are so many things happening in our division that I wasn't aware of. When did the majority of us stop caring about sharing ideas?

I was disappointed that so few people in the division felt it was important enough to come along.

For any youth who think Salvo leadership are out of touch and don't want to hear about new ideas or more relevant methods of ministry, you couldn't be more wrong. EVD wants to try new things, have you tried speaking to them? Or are you busy using the 'out of date band and songsters' as an excuse to not do anything?

I would recommend to everyone involved in EVD - attend M09. Maybe your new initative will feature?

One suggestion - no need for the participating 'rent a crowd' groups. How about make it a seminar style with the opportunity for Q&As?