Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mid-forties leadership

a Biblical thought...
Then the Israelites, all the people, went up to Bethel, and there they sat weeping before the LORD. They fasted that day until evening and presented burnt offerings and fellowship offerings to the LORD. And the Israelites inquired of the LORD. (Judges 20:26-27)

a Book thought...
With-it ministries are filled with people so passionate, they’re driven to become innovative. (p93)
a Dave thought...
Mr Overland was today named the state's new police chief commissioner, following Christine Nixon's resignation to head the bushfire reconstruction authority. At age 46 it is a sign of the times that a man of his age has been chosen to take over this senior role. Simon Overland is not the only person in recent months to take over the most senior position in his field in his mid-forties the other being Barack Obama. At age 47 Barack was also seen as the best leader for these times.

So how do we as a Salvation Army with most of our officers over the age of 50 also take lead from a younger generation? Do we just wait for the young leaders to mature and appoint them to senior roles as they approach retirement or is there a smarter way forward? Sure there is maturity and experience that come in serving over 40 years as an officer, but then again surely we also need the risk taking and energy from our younger officers to keep progressing in this fast moving world.

Just a thought.


Gavin Ferrier said...

Does age matter, not really, but to have people who are passionate, willing to take a risk, energetic, Spirit filled and people who are ready to meet and reach new generations in new ways. You are right though, in the Salvos, this type of vision and drive seems to come from younger people. Keep up the good work Dave.


With Holy Discontent said...

Reverse mentoring is indeed the current thinking.

Leaders who are older in years and experience are still relevant if they have the ability and courage to listen, understand and apply learning from other generations, both older and yonger. As Gavin said, age does not really matter.